Scale up Sales Support with ERP Software

Utilizing ERP software will give sales and marketing teams in the built-up industry tools they need to deliver the best quality client care.

Customers involved in a study conducted by the LMA Consulting Group exposed that excellent sales support is one of the top three qualities they look for in a business. LMA added that customers are also looking for more in-depth sales support than in recent years. With online shopping and tracking information available around the clock today, anything less than 24/7 sales support is unsatisfactory to several clients.

Unfortunately, according to a recent assessment completed by Corporate Visions, salespeople in various industries feel significantly unprepared for important conversations they have with clients about products, pricing and purchasing. Ironically, the aspects of their jobs they feel most prepared to tackle are the ones they think contribute the least value to the overall business. Aside from thorough training, Corporate Visions reported that companies need to provide their sales and marketing teams with resources that aid them in the client relationship and communication realms.

Luckily, ERP software gives manufacturing companies and their staff the edge they need to keep up with client demands and sales support. Improved delivery times, more accurate inventory control and dedicated customer service are just a few of the results manufacturers see after implementing ERP software.


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